LarvalBase Photo-Archive

LarvalBase Photo Archive is gathering fish larval photos of any kind, even not yet identified species by the photographer  will be published in this archive. Some visitors might know the name of a species and want to contribute their knowledge. Any qualified photo is welcome to be published in this collection. This gallery just show examples. The photos are linked within LarvalBase with the related species, giving full credit to the authors.



Artemia2.jpg Rotifer2.jpg Paralichthysolivaceus4.5.jpg Paralichthysolivaceus.jpg
CodLarva2.jpg CodEggs2.jpg CodHatch2.jpg CodJuve2.jpg
CodTop2.jpg CodYolk2.jpg CongerOceanus2.jpg Coregonusalbula18.jpg
CodEarly2.jpg Coregonuslavaretusbalticus27.jpg Coregonusoxyrynchus12.jpg Coregonusoxyrynchus12a.jpg
ClupeaharengusFood.jpg Herring3.jpg EggsCromidotilapiafinleyi2.jpg Cromidotilapiafinleyi3.jpg
Herring4.jpg Cromidotilapiafinleyi2.jpg
Icefish2.jpg ScophthalmusAquosus.jpg EsoxLucius2.jpg EsoxLarv2.jpg
Icefish4.jpg Rhodiussericeus32.jpg SeaBass6.jpg SeaBass5.jpg
Tilapia2.jpg TilapiaEarly2.jpg Turbot4.jpg TurbotLarva2.jpg
Your Photo? Your Photo? Your Photo? Your Photo?

Note: the photos shown on this page are low resolution scans in high compression JPEG format. The copyright remains with the photographers/institutes. If you want to use any of the photos/drawings, please contact the contributor for permission. We would appreciate a proper indication of the source. 

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