Global Information System about Fish Larvae

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FiLaManUserManual.pdf FiLaManUser Manual Instruction manual about FiLaMan (Fish Larval Rearing Manual), a  multi-media tool on the propagation of fish. 1800
CurriculumAquaculture.pdf Trainings-Curriculum A curriculum suggesting training lessons on aquaculture. 222
Acc2KBug1.htm Installing FishBase 99 with Access 2000 Instructions on how to install FishBase 99 CDs in non-English versions of Windows. Includes instructions on how to install the Access 97 run-time version used by FishBase 00 together with Access 2000. 22.5 FB-Book 2000 FishBase Book 2000, including instructions on Larvalbase 2404


"Stages", May 2002 An article about LarvalBase published in the newsletter "Stages" from the Early Life History Section (ELHS)  of the American Fisheries Society in May 2002. 720

Powerpoint presentations

FishLarvalBasePraesentation.ZIP FBLB-Presentation Presentation about Fish-and Larvalbase. Presented in a demonstration workshop at the Agriculture University Of Szczecin, Department Of Aquaculture in May, 10 to 12. 2001, in Szczecin, Poland, titled "Aqualex, A Multilingual Glossary In Support Of Multimedia And Online Products And Programmes Related To Fisheries And Aquaculture". 23974 BlueRevolution Culture of Fish Larvae in Developing Countries: Information Needs. Presented at the International Conference on Sustainable Use of Aquatic Biodiversity. Lisboa 1999  569
PraesenationCollaboration.ZIP Collaboration Introduction on Collaboration issues with the Fish- and Larvalbase project 7987

ACP-EU Initiative ACP-EU fisheries research initiative. November 1999 335


Fishes under threat Fishes under threat: an analysis of fishes in the 1996 IUCN Red List. September 1998. 377

Biodiversity Biodiversity: concepts, data and preliminary results. September 1998. 367

Databases Early LifeHistory Bibliography AFS-ELHS: Early life history of fishes bibliography update version 2.0, list of titles. 1000


WebStats00-02.jpg WebTrends LarvalBase LarvalBase website usage, WebTrendŽ Analysis from January 2000 - December 2002. 63

Applications Fish Hatchery Mathematics  A collection of number crunching tools to aid in some routine fish hatchery calculations 73


MaturityPoster.jpg Maturity poster An example of a poster that shows photos of common commercial fishes of a certain area at their size of first maturity, so that consumers can check whether the fish they want to buy were able to reproduce. Photos and data for similar posters in other areas can be obtained from FishBase.


 PosterLarvi2001.ZIP LarvalBase Poster LarvalBase Poster, Format DIN-A0, presented in the Larvi 2001 symposium from 3.- 6. September at Ghent University in Belgium. 6535
Praktikum WS 2009 Lecture Introductiory lecture on larval ecology (taxonomy, critical stages, nutritional condition, otoliths) 23 MByte

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